Ashwin’s words on Test Cricket describe that he didn’t allow T20 cricket to sideline his goal in Test Cricket. 

Aditya Pandey 

In short 

  • R Ashwin is playing his 100th Test match in Dharamshala.
  • R Ashwin is the 14th Indian to play 100 test matches. 
  • R Ashwin’s strong remarks on Test Cricket.

Tweet of BCCI

On Thursday, R Ashwin became the 14th player to represent his nation in 100 test matches. Ashwin was felicitated for his 100th test match before the start of play and speech by legend and coach Rahul Dravid at the beautiful Dharamshala stadium. 

This was inspiring for the young cricketers to hear from the legends who have prioritized test cricket in their entire careers and know the value of this format in Cricket. 

Head Coach Rahul Dravid presented the special cap to Ashwin on this occasion, Ashwin’s wife and children were also present on this special occasion. Ashwin thanked his family members for their sacrifices before giving an important message to the youngsters on the T20 format overshadowing the Test Cricket. 

Ravichandran Ashwin said

” I would like to say something to the entire cricketing fraternity in our country right now. The IPL has been a hugely popular tournament. A lot of kids want to play T20 cricket and want to get into the IPL. I do really wish them and hope they get there.” He further said,” But remember one thing, this format that we are proudly playing teaches you a lot of things that life wouldn’t teach you.

Test Cricket

Test Cricket is what life is. It is the closest synergy that you can find to life. It teaches you adaptability, dealing with pressure, and so on and so forth. I can go on for weeks. All those things will keep you in great stead if you decide to go all the way in this game. This great game will give you a lot of dividends for whatever work you put into it. I really hope a lot more people take up this sport and keep this wonderful format flying high.” 

Ashwin carry extra weight

These words by Ashwin carry extra weight as he has gone through first-class cricket in the starting phase of his career. He didn’t allow the charm of T20 to sideline his ultimate goal in Red ball format. Rahul Dravid who is a veteran of 164 test matches has observed the spinner’s journey as a senior and now as a head coach. Praising Ashwin’s words, Dravid highlights the quality of making a great test cricketer. 

“People use the word ‘great’ too easily. Greatness is consistency over time. It comes from practice, it comes from constantly making changes, it comes from sacrifice, it comes from stubbornness, it comes from constantly evolving, growing, and learning. It comes from giving everything that you have to a team and giving everything you have to craft. And Ash, because you have faithfully done all of these things, you have arrived at a truly great place – your 100th Test. I know I speak on behalf of this whole team when I say this is a very popular and well-deserved achievement. It’s been a privilege to have played cricket with you, it’s been a privilege to have worked with you as a coach and it’s a privilege to hand over this cap to you. Very well done,” said Rahul Dravid. 

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