Ram Navmi ignites fierce political battle in Bengal ahead of Lok Sabha polls

The political overtones of the Ram Navami festival are impacting the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in West Bengal. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee have opposing views on the festival, and this has become Navami’s focal point for political manoeuvring symbolism.

PM Modi’s Address

PM Modi spoke at a Ram Navami in West Bengal, emphasizing the significance of Lord Ram in Indian culture and history. His speech aimed to connect with the Hindu majority in the state, positioning the BJP as the champion of Hindutva values.

CM Mamta’s Response

On the other hand, Mamata Banerjee has criticized the BJP’s use of religious festivals for political gain. She accused the BJP of trying to divide communities along religious lines and reiterated her commitment to secularism and inclusivity in West Bengal’s politics.

Political Manoeuvring

The BJP aims to expand its footprint in West Bengal by tapping into religious sentiments, particularly among the Hindu electorate.The TMC faces a challenge from the BJP’s aggressive campaigning and organisational strength, and Mamata Banerjee aims to galvanise her support base, which includes minorities and secular-minded voters, by steadfastly opposing the BJP’s religious overtures.

The high stakes involved in the escalating tensions between the BJP and the TMC ahead of the Lok Sabha polls underscore the importance of West Bengal as a battleground state. The BJP’s strategy of leveraging religious symbolism could resonate with a significant section of the, especially and semi-urban areas. However, Mamata Banerjee’s staunch defence of secularism and her appeal to the state’s diverse electorate could pose a formidable challenge to the BJP’s electoral ambitions.

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