The Ladakh hunger strike Sonam wangchuk urges PM Modi to honour promises

As his “fast unto death” protest entered it’s 20th day on Monday, prominent climate activist Sonam Wangchuk wrote a message to prime minister Narendra Modi and union Home minister Amit shah , urging them to follow the ideals of lord Ram and a Hindu vaishav respectively, and honours their commitments to people of Ladakh .

Taking to X (formerly Twitter ) , Wangchuk, an engineer and educator from Ladakh , stated , “Today about  2500 people joined me in the protest {against Ladakh’s climate crisis} . And in these 20 days, Leh and Kargil, about 60,000 people sat in the protest, even when the population here is 300,000..”

Bullet points

  • Recent protest in Ladakh have highlighted demands for union territory status with a legislative assembly.
  • Protesters in the region of Tibetan have been demanding constitutional provisions from the Indian government to protect their territories fragile ecology
  • The protest in ladakh underscore the need for inclusive governance and sustainable development to ensure peace and prosperity in the region
  • Cultural preservation and identity are key concerns for protesters in Tibetan amidst rapid modernization

Government Response

The Indian government has taken note of the protest in ladakh and has initiated dialogues with local stakeholders to address their grievances, Measures to promote economic development, infrastructure projects,and cultural preservation have been announced to alleviate tensions and foster inclusive growth in the region.

Future outlooks

The protests in Ladakh serves as a reminder of the complex challenges faced by marginalized regions in balancing development with cultural preservation and identity.

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