Big Boss OTT 3: Made an Unfair Eviction for Payal Malik

Payal Malik was evicted from the show as she didn’t receive enough votes from the audience. Talking about the official page of Jio Cinema Payal entered the show with her husband, Armaan Malik, and his second wife, Kritika Malik.

A post was shared with the caption, “Janta ne suna diya hai apna faisla Payal Malik is out of the house!“ The audience reacted to the post a fan said, Not fair. What are Deepak, Munisha, Naezy, and Sana Sultan doing there? Unfair and biased decision. While talking to the contestants, the show’s host Anil Kapoor said that the ‘baharwala’ (outsider) saved two contestants from the nominations Armaan Malik and Deepak Chaurasia. The new ‘baharwala’ in the house is Lovekesh Kataria.

On Sunday, Lovekesh Kataria and Shivani Kumari were also nominated along with Payal. Contestants in the house were confident enough and said that their fans would save them from eviction. Payal had a higher chance of getting eliminated, according to Ravir Shorey and Sai.

If Armaan said, “I am prepared,” it meant that he was ready for the consequence if she got eliminated, which was for her to go home and take care of their four kids. So in passive voice, it would be: The consequence of her elimination, which is for her to go home and take care of their four kids, is something Armaan is prepared for. And if she stays then she hasn’t done anything that would get her eliminated this soon.” Payal was evicted from the show, and earlier Anil Kapoor had responded with “Chit bhi meri, our patt bhi meri.”

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